Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Publication: Confronting the Challenge of Energy Governance by Neil Gunningham

Transnational Environmental Law, Page 1 of 17 2012 Cambridge University Press

Transnational Environmental Law
ISSN: 2047-1025 EISSN: 2047-1033

Confronting the Challenge of Energy Governance by Neil Gunningham

Climate and Environmental Governance Network, College of Asia Pacific’s Regulatory Institutions Network (REGNET), and Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Email:

There is a compelling argument for developing a low carbon emissions trajectory to mitigate climate change and for doing so urgently. What is needed is a transformation of the energy sector and an ‘energy revolution’. Such a revolution can only be achieved through effective energy governance nationally, regionally, and globally. But frequently such governance is constrained by the tensions between energy security, climate change mitigation and energy poverty. At national level, there is a chasm between what is needed and what governments do ‘on the ground’, while regionally and globally, collective action challenges have often presented insurmountable obstacles. The article examines what forms of energy law, regulation and governance are most needed to overcome these challenges and whether answers are most likely to be found in hierarchy, markets, or networks.

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