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HK's Updates: Clean factory fund applications to open (27 Mar 2013)

PhotoClean factory fund applications to open

March 27, 2013
The Environmental Protection Department will launch the next phase of the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme on April 1.
It will run until March 31, 2015.
Hong Kong enterprises operating factories locally or in Guangdong can apply for fund support to conduct environmental projects, such as on-site improvement assessments to identify cleaner production solutions for their factories.
The Government will share half the cost, with a funding ceiling of $25,000 per factory.
Demonstration projects can be conducted to showcase cleaner production technologies' effectiveness, through equipment installation or production processes' modification, with a funding ceiling of $300,000 per project.
The Government will subsidise the verification services to assess the cleaner production projects' effectiveness, with a  $20,000 ceiling per project.
The programme’s geographical coverage is being widened to the whole of Guangdong. Workshop-type enterprises which involve polluting processes in Hong Kong can also apply for demonstration projects.
Interested businesses can download the application form here.

Environmental encouragement:  The Cleaner Production Partnership Programme provides fund support to promote energy efficiency and cleaner production methods in factories.

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